Young pioneering lawyers

Viny Law Firm Limited Company (Viny Lawfirm) is a law firm led by Lawyer, Master of Law, University of Vienna (Austria) – Nguyen Duc Tai who is the founder and owner of the Company.

Having spent 10 years working as a legal expert for large Vietnamese enterprises such as Mondelez Kinh Do Confectionery Group, Vin Group; and later as a consultant for leading enterprises in Thanh Hoa province such as Lam Son Sugar Company, Dong A Real Estate Group, Truong Thi Environment Company, Hop Luc Joint Stock Company, Tan Thanh 6 Company, Tan Thanh 9 Company…, Lawyer Nguyen Duc Tai has gradually built up his reputation, experience and role in providing legal services to the business community, individuals, and organization.